Chef Yamarone reveals his recipe for cooking healthy seafood pasta using fresh shrimp, linguini, fresh tomatoes, chopped garlic, tarragon, chicken broth and olive oil.  In this video, Chef Yamarone not only shares the recipe but also demonstrates the technique to mix the ingredients.

Food makes people happy. That’s why Chef Yamarone is devoted to deliver you the formula of an exquisite taste. He cares for your happiness and your health. In this instance, pasta is one of the healthy components. It is a great source of carbohydrates which help in increasing stored energy (glycogen) in the muscles.

Nevertheless, the chef recommends that you have a moderate portion of pasta and get just what your body needs in terms of carbohydrates. In some cases, the insulin may respond to sugar or starches found in pasta by overproducing glucose, which consequently generates an overproduction of insulin. Be aware that insulin fosters fat storage. If you are having concerns about your weight, check out It is the most sophisticated way on the Internet to chart your Body Mass Index score and to get expert advice on what your score means.

As a New York chef, food consultant, instructor and award-winning food stylist, Mr Yamarone regularly attends food programs on Food Network Television. Besides styling food, he is on the Cutco Cutlery Advisory Board, largest manufacturer and marketer of high-quality kitchen cutlery and accessories in the United States and Canada. With his background at the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Yamarone is surely the one to get good food choices from.