Chef Yamarone uses his imagination to serve his passion for food. Yamarone never gets bored with the things he eats because he spices up each of his recipes to add that little kick. In this video, Chef Yamarone teaches how to make pineapple salsa, a sweet and savory mix, that is guaranteed to be an exotic gastronomical experience.

Key ingredients used are pineapple, red onion, orange and green pepper, jalapeños, lime, cilantro and chicken. Pineapple can be substituted with mango, papaya or clementine. The idea is to offer you a delectable blend of flavors.

Enjoy healthy and delicious food. The pineapple salsa tastes excellent when paired with chicken breast. Therefore, if you are getting tired of eating chicken breast, try adding Chef’s Yamarone’s pineapple salsa on top. The salsa will add zest to the otherwise bland chicken breast.