On October 13, 2010, E! Entertainment Television launches a six-episode documentary about what’s eating you, starring men and women that experience severe disturbances in eating behavior. Participants share their true stories of food as an obsession and fear. These individuals invite the audience to explore how food behaviors are consuming and threatening their lives. As they struggle against eating disorders, the TV program gives hope and brings a path for recovery with the help of medical professionals, therapists and nutrition specialists.

Foods.tv met with Dr. Redcross who joins the show as a board-certified physician in internal medicine, from his practice at Manhattan’s Physician’s Group Inc., in New York City. Dr. Redcross points out that food is presented as “…an interesting drug, one of those things that’s on the street, it is legal and it is something that we will always face with everyday. So there are some really big decisions you need to make when you have eating disorder. It is not always that easy.”

Dr. Redcross wants to raise awareness about food as an addiction. He intends to focus the audience’s attention on the destructive behavior that this physiological and psychological dependence may generate. Sharing an inner perspective of what those people suffer from, stating that “food gives them all the emotions that people who love food can kind of control but they can’t. They get the urges, the passion with eating, and then they have a tremendous guilt afterwards. That’s when you kind of get into a vicious cycle that turns into pathologic and no longer just enjoying food.”

As any kind of addiction, the first step of the healing should be reached by the realization and acceptance of the problem. Conscious realization is in fact the start for recovery. The show aims at breaking the taboo. It encourages victims to speak out. “America is ready for it […] Food is no longer a little dirty secret in America,” the doctor says. The show has a preventive effect. It engages the public into the victims’ battle. Being witness of such harmful disturbances, we hope people will learn the lesson well and protect themselves from being eaten.